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    i10 won the coveted 'ICOTY 2008' the most trusted word on automobiles for consumers, manufacturers and Auto experts. This Award have proved to be the benchmark for auto excellence in the country.
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    Superior Fuel EfficiencyThe Next Gen i10 provides you the best of both worlds - superior mileage and optimum performance for an out of the word driving experience. The 1.1L iRDE2 engine delivers a mileage of 19.8 kmpl with low emmissions.
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    Stylish Exterior & InteriorFrom the modern and stylish exterior to premium and quality interior, i10 is a car like no other. The chrome grille portrays powerful brand presence whereas 2-tone beige and light brown interior with blue illumination imparts the Next Gen i10 a premium feel.
  • img_BA_highlight_01Exterior - 2-Tone Chrome Radiator Grille
    - Clear headlamp & Tail lamp
    - Full Wheel Cover
  • img_BA_highlight_02Interior - 2 tone beige and brown key color
    - Blue interior illumination
    - Chrome Package
  • img_BA_highlight_03Performance - 1.1L iRDE 2 engine
    - Manual transmission
    - High-tech suspension system
  • img_BA_highlight_04Safety - Fog lamp
    - Central locking
    - Keyless entry
  • img_BA_highlight_05Convenience - Air conditioner
    - Front & rear power windows
    - 2 DIN Radio+CD+MP3 audio
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Modern & Compact Design

Next Gen i10 boasts of an aggressive front look, sporty side and robust rear profile.

Wraparound headlamps
Long and slanting wrap around clear head lamp adds to the front styling & boasts of safety with enchanced visibility.
Rear combination lamps
Design sleek & elongated rear combination lamp adds to rear styling & improves visibilty for trailing vehicles during night
2-Tone chrome grille
Positioned to perfection, the 2-tone chrome grille complements the front look and projects powerful brand presence

  • Rear Bumper
    Design rear bumper gives an impression of elegance and strength along with reflectors and body color insert moldings which prevents scratches and enhance aesthetic appeal.

  • Roof Antenna
    The roof antenna imparts aesthetics, aerodynamics and sporty looks along with improved signal reception.

  • Waistline molding
    Distinctive side molding imparts sporty looks and prevents side scratches to body by acting as a first point of contact.

  • Body color package
    Next Gen i10 offers body colored bumper, door handle, outside mirror and tailgate handle which gives an impression of elegance.

  • Full wheel cover
    The refreshed full wheel cover adds to the aesthetics of overall side profile which sports 155/80 R13 tyre.
Smart colours,
clever choices

Life should be comfortable, convenient and full
of colour. In the i10 it is all three. The Next Gen i10
has all these elements to make your life as comfortable
as it could be

Stylish Interior 2-tone beige and brown interior color combination creates a fresh & smart environment, only to enhance the envy of those on the waiting list.
Boot space The capacious boot with low loading height makes it easy for carrying weekend luggage or shopping without any hassle in the Next Gen i10.

  • Tilt Steering
    Aesthetic and easy to operate, control of heating, ventilation and air circulation right at your fingertips.

  • i-Shift
    Uniquely positioned centre console mounted gear shift lever not only offers easy gear shifting but also liberates useful cabin space.

  • i-Relax
    Ergonomically designed single unit backrest & headrest provides a perfect resting platform for back & neck and gives you a perfect driving pleasure.

  • Blue Interior Illumination
    The eye-soothing and elegant blue interior illumination makes the instruments easy and strain less to read. The stunning design makes the clustor look really interesting.
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    Metal Finish Package
    Interior styling is further accentuated by metallic touches at multiple places like centre fascia, inside door handles and side air vents.
Driving the i10 ,
the facts behind the fun

By now you know that the i10 makes life and loading easier and fits your personal style.
But how does it pack so much driving pleasure while helping to protect the environment?

1.1 Litre iRDE2 engineThe 1.1 iRDE2 (Intelligent Responsive Drive Engine) is a technological marvel which deliver a peak power of 69 ps to ensure an irresistible combination of power and mileage.

5-Speed Manual TransmissionOffers precise & easy gear shifting with optimal gear ratios
resulting in excellent pickup and fuel efficiency.

SuspensionThe dynamic i10 comes with high tech suspension system optimum for Indian road conditions. Soft & gentle ride with superior turning performace at high speeds are the obvious results

Motor Driven Power Steering(MDPS)Offers precise & easy gear shifting with optimal gear ratios
resulting in excellent pickup and fuel efficiency.Motor driven for extra precision and economy, the power steering - complete with tilt able steering column adds extra personal driving comfort. MDPS is light in Weight, occupies less space & delivers excellent fuel economy.

Safety and Security

The i10 delivers best of both worlds. Safety that you can,
depend upon and security to keep your vehicle safe from the prying eyes..

Reinforce Body Structure The Next Gen i10 boasts of a rigid safety structure. Created using computer dynamics and thoroughly tested to withstand immense impact and pressure.

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    Central Locking
    The 5 door central locking responds instantaneously and locks/unlocks the Next Gen i10 with a simple touch. Thus preventing unauthorised entry/exit.
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    Keyless entry
    Remotely lock/ unlock the car from a distance. The keyless entry provides maximum security and confidence in the vehicle.
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    Front Fog Lamp
    Distinctly designed for proper amplification, the triangular shaped fog lamp ensures safe driving during foggy weather conditions.
A satisfying feeling

The fingertip-controlled i10 With the i10 it means that you
can relax, and enjoy maximum driving satisfaction with
minimum effort and distraction.

Instrument Panel The eye-soothing and elegant blue interior illumination
make the instruments easy and strain less to read. The
stunning design makes the clustor look really interesting.

  • Power windows
    The ergonomically located front and rear power window switches on door armrest aid in easy operation conveniently.

  • 2-Din Audio
    Harmoniously integrated Radio+CD+MP3 audio looks premium. 4 speakers in front and rear adds to the music experience.

  • Shift Indicator Display (MT only)
    Digital reminder for optimal gear usage. This lead to maximum fuel efficiency through efficient gear usage.

  • Air Conditioner
    Aesthetic and easy to operate, control of heating, ventilation and air circulation right at your fingertips.

  • Rear Parcel Tray
    Useful for placing small utility items on it and also improves cabin aesthetics by acting as a cover for luggage or items stored in boot.

  • Foldable Key
    The careful design ethos can be even in the key console which has a convenient folding bayonet adding to i10 style.

  • Aux and USB ports
    The ergonomically located front and rear power window switches on door armrest aid in easy operation conveniently. Provided in the centre console tray, Aux & USB ports ensure a delightful music experience of your own choice.


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Valves of cylinder
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Era Magna Sportz
Fuel Options      
Petrol S S S
LPG - - S
Safety & Security      
Engine Immobilizer S S S
Day & Night Inside Rear View Mirror - S S
Central Locking (5 Doors) - S S
Front Fog Lamp - - S
Foldable Key - - S
Keyless Entry - - S
Clear Headlamps & Rear Combination Lamps S S S
Driver & Passenger Outside Mirrors S S S
2-Tone Chrome Radiator Grille S S S
Body Colored Outside Mirrors - - S
Body Colored Bumper - S S
Body Color Outside Door Handle - - S
Body Colored Tailgate Handle - - S
Waistline Molding - S S
Full Wheel Cover - - S
Roof Antenna S S S
2-Tone Beige & Brown Key Color S S S
Blue Interior Illumination S S S
Front Room Lamp S S S
Centre Console Tray S S S
Metal Finish Centre Fascia - S S
Front Door Map Pocket - S S
Deluxe Floor Console - S S
Front & Rear Door Full Size Armrest - Front only S
Chrome Finish Inside Door Handles - - S
Chrome Finish Side AC Vent - - S
Rear Parcel Tray - - S
Instrument Panel      
Gear Shift Indicator (M/T only) S S S
Tachometer (Petrol only) S S S
Digital Clock on Audio Display - - S
Low Fuel Warning Lamp S S S
Digital Odometer & Tripmeter S S S
Comfort & Convenience      
i-Relax Front Seats S S S
i-Relax Gear Console S S S
Air Conditioner with Heater S S S
Motor Driven (Electric) Power Steering S S S
Tilt Steering - - S
Internally Adjustable Outside Mirror S S S
Front Power Windows - S S
Rear Power Windows - S S
Driver side Front Power Window with Autodown & Illumination - - S
Remote Fuel Lid Opener S S S
Passenger Vanity Mirror - S S
2 DIN Radio+CD+MP3 Audio - - S
Aux-in & USB Ports - - S
4 Speakers - - S
S= Standard, O= Option

*Disclaimer - The specification above are subject to change. Hyundai Motors India reserves the right to change specification & equipments without prior notice. Please consult your nearby dealer for full information.

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